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Grenville Gold Corporation (the “Company”) is engaged in the consolidation, appraisal and development of the Silveria Project area (the “Project area”), which comprises one of three mineral properties in Peru held by the Company’s Peruvian subsidiary, Inversiones Minera Alexander S.A.C. (the “Subsidiary”). The concessions that comprise the Project area are wholly owned by the Subsidiary and the Subsidiary acts as the Company’s agent regarding its current agreements with respect to its three Peruvian mineral properties. The Company holds 90 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of the Subsidiary. The remaining 10 percent is held by Minera Prospex S.A., a Peruvian company that is jointly owned by L. de Melt, director and Chairman of the Company, and A.E. Ernesto Viduarre Otayza. To view the whole report CLICK HERE or to view the Claim map CLICK HERE



The La Española Property is a copper prospect and is centered on an abandoned copper mine named Rosa Maria. It is located in the Coayllo District, Cañete Province, Department of Lima, in the Republica del Perú, about one hundred (100) kilometers straight-line distance, southsoutheast of Lima, the capital city of Perú. Two (2) of the eight (8) concessions comprising the La Española Property are legally owned by Inversiones Mineras Alexander S.A.C.; the Peruvian subsidiary of Grenville Gold Corporation. The other six (6) concessions have been sold to Inversiones Mineras Alexander S.A.C. and the final registration to the Instito Nacional de Concesiones y Catastro Minero is in progress. In the area of the Rosa Maria Mine the rocks are mostly intermediate in composition and members of the Coastal Batholith. These rocks are cross-cut by intermediate to mafic dykes and sills. Emplacement of these dykes is controlled by a fracture and fault system that trends northnorthwest, three hundred thirty (330) to three hundred forty (340) degrees, dips sub-vertically, and that is concordant with and host to the Rosa Maria vein. The Rosa Maria vein is a quartz vein with carbonates hosting chalcopyrite, bornite, sphalerite, and magnetite and secondary copper oxides including chrysocolla, malachite, cuprite, and tenorite. All previous work performed on the Property targeted this vein. The style and form of mineralization fits a copper +/- silver quartz vein style deposit of the intrusion-related subtype. To view the whole report CLICK HERE